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Machine learning and AI

Machine learning related projects and posts

Machine learning and deep learning are the fields with great potential. Many powerful softwares can build using the art of ML and DL.

Must read for machine learning :

How To Predict Stock Prices using Machine Learning ?
How does the Military use Machine Learning ?
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Python Programming

Python is the general purpose language that can be used in multiple fields. And it’s good to have a command over it.

Android App Development

Learn Android App Development easily when with us. Clearify your app development related doubt to get started with app development and make your first app and launch it to the play store.

Website development

Developing a custom website requires the knowledge of html, css and javascirpt  but with mordern technologies website can also be built with drag and drop templates. Which lets the job done very quick !

Ethical hacking

Hacking is the field that will replace border defence forces in comming years. Having knowledge of hacking and techniques is great in such era.

Game development

Gaming industry is at boom right now in current lockdown era. Game developers have a great creative skills to make virtual reality.

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