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About Us

A community to help people clearify their queries and doubts that revolve around programming and coding.

Basically this blog was created to answer the programming and related doubts and questions. This blog focuses more on Python, machine learning and AI. But don’t amaze if you find questions related to website and app development. Sometime hacking also.

Current aim with this site

Our aim through this site is to reach out people and help in their learning. We colaborate with writers, tutors and data science aspirant. Currently we are focusing on data science and solving people’s doubt around it.

This site is more about coding, projects and implementation part and And getting upskilled.

Just fill a quick contact form to contact us. Who know we could be working on next project together…

Anyone interested in similar ground is welcomed. You can have your account and start writing here to let us know about your projects.

Shares from you would be appretiated as it will help us get some engagement to site.

Future plans

1. As our community increases and we have few trusting people who could help us with content creation. We will do whatever possible to clear your doubts in programmin related fields. That’s the primary aim of ours at Harbola DataScience.

2. We Will try to help online bussiness grow in various ways. By developing,

  • Real-time chatbot systems.
  • Decision support.
  • Customer recommendation engines.
  • Customer churn modeling.
  • Dynamic or demand pricing strategies.
  • Customer segmentation ands market research.
  • Fraud detection.

for them which will help them increasing sales, have better bussiness decisions and reach to their target audience.

If you want to know about me and how this site was created. Follow this link.

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