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Best Age to Start Learning Coding !

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The Best Age for a Child to Start Coding (codemonkey)


The earlier, the better

Generally, experts agree that children should be taught how to code at the earliest age possible.

You can generally start teaching basic exercises to children from the age of 5 or 6. 

Several studies have shown that children who code from the beginning of their elementary schooling achieve better academic performance throughout their education. 

Another way of thinking

Other aspects of thinking, such as creativity and critical thinking skills, should not be neglected. They should be taught and practiced as well.

However, coding provides learners with the incredible skill of problem-solving. This is a very powerful skill – not only professionally and academically, but throughout everyday life.

A child who codes learns how to approach every issue with a solution-oriented mindset.

Often, coding is talked about as something you should pivot towards if you want to be a more competitive candidate for higher education or jobs.



When is the best age to begin programming? (quora.com)

Do kids need to learn to code?Is it good for kids, to introduce code for them at the earliest stage? Which is the best coding edtechs for kids?

Most kids don’t have access to this magic gift. This is something we can change, and this is something that is changing.

It’s an enormous challenge and worldwide opportunity to update the curriculum of the world schools.

In the last few years, there have been unbelievable and unprecedented led teachers.

Few countries have announced have declared computer science as of their national curriculum. Some countries have changed the education policy to embrace computer science.

Maths. How many of you love Maths? We don’t just send our kids to school just to learn how to divide, or factor polynomials. It’s not just they are going to factor polynomials for the rest of their lives.


At What Age Can a Child Start Coding? (funtech.co.uk)

As we said in the intro, if your child is 7 years old, then they’re capable of grasping at least beginner’s coding concepts.

This makes the process fun and engaging while the kids are still learning a new skill.

We find that we can take the passion your child has for computer games and turn that into a fun learning environment.

Why should kids learn how to code?

When talk first started about kids learning coding a few years ago, it was thought of more as hype than anything else.

At the time it was a novel idea to the education system and one which wasn’t exactly taken as seriously as it now is.

Over time, the thought went from being “coding is pretty cool, so  try it out” to “coding is cool, and you can make a very good living from it!”.

There are a lot of well-paying jobs to be had out there if your kids have the right skillset

However, it isn’t just a case of how cool the jobs are which makes coding worth learning, either. Let’s take a look at a few other good reasons why kids should learn to code:

1: Coding helps kids understand the connected world better
2: Coding can give your kid a competitive advantage
3: There’s a high demand for computer programmers
4: It’s satisfying and fun!

Computer programming is a logic-based activity, but it can also be a creative outlet at the same time.


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