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Best Data Science Course for Beginners (Free + Paid)

Data Science is an ever evolving field and has been a growing demand throughout the years. There are so many benefits in completing a data science course.

Having successfully completed a data science course, opens the doorway to more opportunities, learning more and adding to your data skills, data analytics, etc.

Even for computer scientists, engineers, analysts, or also for people in research fields such as psychology, Employers would love to see data science on an resume because data science is now hot in the tech field.

Since, it is a current evolving field and aspect, I believe it is pertinent to have a try at it because you never know how much you will come to enjoy it. I myself am a data science student in college who has taken simply an introduction course as my first data science course and I have fallen in love with the ideas and concepts surrounding data science.

Is Data Science a fun Subject ?

Data science is very cool and fascinating and I hope in the future work on some impacting and touching projects. Data Science leads to positive advancements in a career sense and it will be ecstatic to note that there are more and more people coming to the field which is amazing as is.

Are you an individual looking to get into data science? Or are you someone who has been interested in data science for a long time but is confused on where to begin? Well, you reached the right place! Keep reading below to find out free and paid courses of data science and just insightful information of data science that will lessen your overwhelmed thoughts towards the data science field.

Don’t worry this article will for sure clear up some common doubts and concerns. Anyone can get into the field of data science with the right mindset, skills, and motivation to make a change in the field.

Keep on reading down to learn how one can get into the field, I answer questions and doubts that individuals have asked, and it is a quick read and won’t take up much of your time. It might feel quite a nervous feelings and overwhelming thoughts when first researching and searching more about the field of data science.

I will stop you there. Personally, I was in the same place too when I decided I wanted to study data science. But I pushed past the thoughts of doubts, fears, and overwhelming thoughts and told myself repeatedly that if I am truly passionate about something that I should strive and work hard towards it.

It is important to chase after the goals that we know later in life will turn out to be our biggest passions. Data Science is an ever transforming field and career, and there are amazing data scientists out there in the real world that are working hard and driving the field into bigger change.

Can I study data science for free?

Certainly, there are many available courses you can study data science for free and expand your data skills. There are several free data science courses available online. These free courses are very beneficial and influential for any and every data science student or inquirer.

Keep reading down this article, to know of a good introductory course I have listed for Data Science students or inquirers to take or just an individual who wants to expand their knowledge and learn of some helpful learning course websites for data science. Feel free to scroll through and read to see what interests you and hopefully it will give you some insight and you will learn some new things.

I will certainly list some free excellent data science courses one can study and learn online. Free Data Science Courses can be found in popular known learning course sites such as Coursera, Udemy, etc.

I recommend searching “Free Data Science Courses” online and there should be a vast majority of other more learning course sites that should pop up that are free of no cost. I have just noted down Coursera and Udemy because they are very excellent yet popular websites that a lot of people are aware of. Keep researching and searching the internet for some helpful free data science courses.

For example, I recommend if you are entirely new to the field of data science or an individual who wants to learn you should try the beginner courses on these sites. Courses like, “What is Data Science” which is offered on Coursera.

There are other beneficial data science courses on Coursera but I recommend if you are completely new to Data Science you should definitely try the introduction courses to start somewhere and then work your way higher and gravitate toward learning and building better skills and techniques.

There are a lot of good reviews from this course and it has infact helped beginners in learning what data science is. It is indeed a well introduction course to data science. Here is the link to the Course, “What is Data Science”

I recommend trying and working through this course and just getting a beginner taste of what the field of data science is like. There are so many aspects that compromise data science as whole, so it is important to note that one course will not give you the whole detail of the field. That is why there are so many courses out there for data science students and inquirers to learn and grasp new skills.

Can I learn Data Science on my own?

Yes, one can learn data science on your own. But, keep in mind it is important to make connections with mentors, higher data science professionals while learning data science. With these important connections, it will create an more insightful and impactful journey for you.

Data Science is a demanding career, with the right connections and the hard work and effort you put in, you will most certainly reach your desired goal in the data science field. Learning data science online is possible but it is much more joyful, insightful, and valuable with peers and mentors. These peers and mentors would be your guidance and help when stuck in tough situations where you may need a helpful hand.

This is very important to note. Because, there are a lot of people out there who simply major in something to land a career for the money of it but there are others that wake up, put the effort, invest the money into it and really chase after this goal and fiery passion.

I challenge you if you are truly passionate about data science and really would love to make a change, do not just give up the second it gets hard or uneasy, keep practicing and learning and asking questions. Data Science is an impactful field towards the tech industry and it would be lovely for it to be made up of more passionate data scientists. People who love data science and a truly ready to work and lead the field into higher technological advancements.

Few things that you should know for machine learning pandas, python, numpy and visulation library.

Issues with free data science course

The issue concerning free data science courses are that without putting some of your own money in it, it shows that you aren’t fully invested in the passion. It is still good to take free data science courses just to learn and get experience, but I recommend if you would want to put some of the courses with certifications on your resume it may be important to take some paid courses with certifications because that looks better on a resume or a cv application.

Having done paid courses and putting your own money into your dream goal, shows future employers that you are very invested in your dream and you are passionate and a hard worker. This is why it is important to having taken paid data science courses more than free data science courses.

How much does data science Paid course cost?

There are different prices varying for data science courses that are offered online. I will list below some excellent paid data science course options if you would like to know.

It is important to complete paid data science courses as well because it shows that you are investing your own money into the journey of reaching your desired career. This looks good on resumes, cv applications, etc.

What is the course structure of data science?

There are different components that build up the course structure of data science. A student majoring in data science in college would have a degree plan with required courses to take related to data science. This might differ between the colleges but it is all entirely the same thing.

The most important course topics in data science are Big Data, Data Modeling, and Machine Learning. There are other important components as well to learn as well. I would advise you to research the other components that make up the data science field.

There is so much to learn and information to fill up our minds up. I am still trying to learn as much as I can with topics and subtopics involving data science. It is an excellent field made up of so many unique and insightful components.

What are the 4 major components of data science?

The 4 major components of data science or more specifically a data science project are data analysis, data visualization, data engineering and data strategy. There are various of subtopics and fields that make up data science but these are the main four components that make up the field surrounding data science.

Subtopics such as business intelligence, coding, mathematics all take an huge involvement in making what data science is today. I personally did not know business intelligence was a thing in data science but it does make up a part of it. A fascinating and interesting part. There are a lot of parts and components I did not know concerning data science but with a bit of curiosity and research I have certainly learned a lot.

Many IT professionals and people from non IT background are switching to data science. WHY?

Can we learn Data Science in 3 months?

You can most certainly learn Data Science in 3 months to master but it is crucial to note that in the data science field you are always learning. It is noted that once you accomplish the heavy foundation into data science you can keep on continuing learning more skills into data science.

You can learn data science in 3 months if you put in hard work and lots of effort but it is important to note that you keep continuing on learning and expanding your knowledge into data science past those three months. My advised point for the data science student, inquirer or any individual that stumbles upon this article, I would research and select good options of data science courses that might interest you. Remember, there are so many topics, aspects, points that make up Data Science.

A quote that my first data science professor had written below the assignments was listed as “Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration,”. It was a quote Thomas Edison. This quote simply translates to the given thing it basically means we can only attain our desired goals through hard work.

This is an important quote to live because it helped me through my first data science course and to keep striving harder to reach my future desired goal of becoming a data scientist. Data Science may be challenging at first, you may come to points where you just get super overwhelmed and want to give up, but remember this quote I have written above. Keep chasing your passion.

Don’t let anyone tell you to give up. Make lots of beneficial connections through networking, friends, classmates, peers, professors, etc. Networking is a crucial component in any desired career especially data science. Receiving helpful mentoring in data science will allow you to learn more and grow as an career driven individual. Mentors, peers, and classmates overall provide great guidance, support, and community for the new, worried, and overwhelmed data science student.

I do not know how overwhelmed I would be without the guidance and friendly support of my first data science professor. Keep learning, make friendly connections, mentors and keep chasing your dream goals. Hope this article taught you something new and insightful regarding data science and more information regarding free and paid data science courses.

Happy learning!


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