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Best Online Education Platform to Learn How to Code !

Learning coding nowadays is must as it is a prerequisite in every tech field. And also learning coding is very easy. If you have a proper guidance you can easily learn a programming language within a couple of weeks.

There are tons of platforms present out there from where you can start learning coding and do great in it.

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It would depend on how you define ‘best’. According to me, the following points are important while deciding an institute.

Mentor Background: The teachers should be highly qualified and experienced. You should be able to interact with them during the course as you will have a lot of doubts.

Real-World Projects: In the world of programming, real-project experience is essential. The job industry looks for people with the capability to work on complex problems. You could also add the projects to your portfolio and explain them during your interviews.

Skill Development: Programming is not like any other subject. You have to practice what you are learning. Skills like Problem Solving, Logical Reasoning, Abstract Thinking are very important.

Interview Preparation & Job Search: You’ve to check an institute that covers a lot of interview questions and coding problems. The more you practice, the better your skills will become. Recruiters prefer people with lots of hands-on experience.

I made my decision based on the above points. Coding Elements is a coding institute that has courses in Python, Data Science, Machine Learning, Mobile App Development, Web Development, Java. Android, etc. The teachers are very qualified and have worked in top companies for many years. They mainly focus on ‘Learning through practice’.

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