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Best way to Write a Coding blog ! Personal experience

In this blog post I’m gonna be sharing some quick tips and hacks that I use to increase my productivity and put a lot of valuable relevant information about the topic in one post.

First and foremost you should be clear with niche you are going to blog on. It can be any based on your interest, perfection and skill. You should be open to share ideas and do ton of research. Little your irrelevant information can divert your traffic somewhere else on the internet.

Selecting a niche on Coding

This is not the era where your can put all your fingers in butter. You should make this clear that you can’t take benefit of every niche like cooking, tech, education, travelling, fashion in single site. This will make google bots confuse and end up getting low ranking.

Now getting straight to the point 🙂 If you have set up blog skip to next section below this,

Set up your online blog/website

  1. Pick a name for your blog. – Make sure it is seo friendly, not too long, easy to remember, relatable to your niche/topics
  2. Sign up for web hosting. – Good hosting is very important cause your website speed depends on this. some of the best services proving free trail are – amazon aws, microsoft azure, cloudflare.
  3. Install WordPress. – try making a wordpress site on your local computer using xampp and try doing it and see if it is for you before spending any money on domain and hosting so you don’t regret afterwards
  4. Customize your blog design. – there are lot of free wordpress themes which are pretty east to use and seems fantastic. Get your hands dirty and try some and take suggestions of design from friends cause it depends.
  5. Create main pages (About, Contact) – its important cause ‘about page’ describes you and your content. and contact page help reach your audience to connect to you
  6. Create valuable content. – stand out from crowd creating some valuable content
  7. Promote your blog. – you can use paid techniques like google ads and campaign to get more traffic.

Now comes the most important section of this blog and for what we all were curiously scrolling for. little things that will compound your blog writting process.

Writing coding related blog page

  • Formulate An Outline. – Figure out what points you will cover in this page about the selected topic. You can start with asking questions that will increase audience retention and help optimising search engine. Put these sub-topic so they make a story and link to each other making post more like a chapter
  • Understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing individual web pages in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines. How this all works is simple putting more and more focused keywords on your blog. Focus on single keyword, use it with different phrases and put it on your blog.
  • Make Content Skimmable. – some points that will help you achieve this 🙂
    • Keep it (relatively) short. I usually aim for about 250-300 words – will help you put relatable content without distracting your viewers
    • Leave plenty of white space between paragraphs – make it look like a blog
    • Break the rules—start a sentence with “and,” “but,” or “or.” – Make your own unique style of writing. till your audience is getting your point every grammer mistake is allowed. Your english teacher is not behind you.
    • Change up the lengths! …
    • Highlight key phrases – Make it visible on what topics you are actually writing
    • Mix it up with bulleted or numbered lists – this is also told to boards aspirants as it helps making long article readable and it is easy to remember.
  • Illustrate Your Point with Images – If you are trying to make images with powerpoint, paint or something like conventional, it will take huge time. Use templates. Canva.com can help you in this
  • Tell People What To Do – don’t just end telling problems and not adding value to viewers life is the huge mistake most bloggers do due to which they don’t get attention. If you add value you will get popularity from word of mouth and your blog will eventually blow up.
  • Read and Re-read – it will help you make changes that will convert lead and put more keyword phrases.
  • Make Use of Social Media. – it is the most powerful tool cause many platforms like quora, facebook can help you get a huge traffics and following big pages will help you to get in touch with recent technologies and put a firy blog post on that before anyone.

that was it for today’s question “How to Write a blog post on coding related topics that get views?” I tried to answer in my way hope you like it let me know your views on comments down below. Post more question related to coding on comments. I will definitely trynna answer it out.


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