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Actual Projects that will build up your Resume

Hey guyz whatsup! Nice to see you here. After this post you will be amazed to see the beauty of programming. I will try to put some projects that are pretty basic and can done easily anyone just starting.

Many of these projects are implemented me and explained here itself on this blog. I will link to them.

In this page I will try to explain you the reason why coding projects don’t works and then after that we will move ahead to projects.

The best way to learn any new technology or framework is to implement it in a real world project but it is hard to find the best project. And the frustration occurs when we copy the project code from some blog or youtube video and it does’t works.

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This happens with everyone. I think 😉

Why Projects are Difficult than learning Programming

When you copy code and run it on your own system it will hardly work because it requires dependencies and installation of some other packages that are used in that project. Project of computer vision require hyperparameter tuning to fit to your camera and surroundings. Sometimes it may require image files, datasets and other files that are used.

Wrong location of required files

This problem is faced many of the coders. Many times when will give path to the file we give wrong location. There are two way to locate a file.

absolute path – 3rd line
  1. An absolute path location of a file or directory from the root directory(/). Iabsolute path is a complete path from start of actual file system from / directory.
  2. Relative path is defined as the path related to the present working directly(pwd).

Easy and my recommended way of specifying a path of your file is selecting from here

right click on your file

Make up the Perfect use of Comments

Apart from jokes Commenting your code helps a lot in remembering what that snippet does. Because lot of times in projects we deal with some functions and methods that are difficuilt to learn.

But avoid keeping commenting every line like….

But its fine if you started learning python yesterday.

Best (professional) comment looks something like this

Learn to use Github to copy / clone open sourced code

GitHub is a code hosting platform for version control and collaboration. It lets you and others work together on projects from anywhere. This tutorial teaches you GitHub essentials like repositories, branches, commits, and pull requests.

It is a very powerful tool or platform that help to manage your code and most important importantly to access your code from anywhere the globe. By simple ‘git clone’ command you can pull or push the code to github. Sign in using gmail and It require some setup which you checkout from google ‘master’

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We will cover Machine learning, computer vision, Website development, Android app development and hacking.


CLICK HERE to download the full python notebook where you can see all the topics and concepts covered.

Best computer vision project using python for me

Creating a Virtual Pen And Eraser with OpenCV

In this project we create a AI application in which our system detect the color specified and as it move it draws on screen. Like a pen writing on air. And we also create a virtual eraser. I liked this project so much and its one of my favourite for now as it uses pretty basic concepts and does the unimaginable task.

Intergrating it to some other frameworks and tweeking it we can make many uses like we can create a software which will scroll your screen on as your finguers move up/down or decrease/increase the sound of your system using detecting your finger movement. There can be infinite usecase of this usecase. You can mod any game and play it without touching your keyboard or mouse.

Open cv library which we are using in this project can also be used for many other projects like

All of these projects are implemented on this blog me. Must check them out. AND TRY BUILDING YOUR OWN.

Web development

1. Student Management System Project in Codeigniter

Download the source code here.

2. Blood Bank & Donor Management System

Download the source code here.

3. Simple PHP

Download the source code here.

Mobile app devlopment

1. Breakout Ball Game

download source code here.

2.  Companion App: A mental health tracker built using Flutter and Firebase.

download source code here.

3. Notes & Password Manager

download source code here.

Machine learning

1. Cartoonify Image with Machine Learning

Source Code: Image Cartoonifier Project

2. Iris Flowers Classification Project

Dataset: Iris Flowers Classification Dataset

3. Emojify – Create your own emoji with Python

Source Code: Emojify Project

Ethical Hacking

1. Invoker

Invoker is a utility that tests penetration. This ethical hacking project used when access to some Windows OS features through GUI is restricted. A few features require administrative privileges.

2. Hackdroid

Hackdroid is a collection of pen testing and security-related apps for android. It divides the applications into different categories to easily download any application from any category and use them for penetration testing and ethical hacking.

3. Packet Sniffer

Packet Sniffer is a simple pure-Python network. In this ethical hacking project, the Packets are disassembled as they arrive at a given network interface controller, and information they contain is displayed on the screen.

Data Science

  1. Chatbot
  2. Analyzing the impact of climate change on global food supply
  3. Weather Prediction
  4. Keyword generation for google ads
  5. Traffic Signs Recognition
  6. Wine Quality Analysis
  7. Stock Market Prediction
  8. Fake News Detection
  9. Video Classification
  10. Human Action Recognition
  11. Medical Report Generation using CT Scans
  12. Email Classification
  13. Uber Data Analysis
  14. Sound Classification
  15. Credit Card Fraud Detection
  16. Sign Language Recognition
  17. Class of Flower Prediction
  18. Colour Detection
  19. Loan Prediction
  20. Road Traffic Prediction
  21. Income Classification
  22. Speech Emotion Recognition
  23. Celebrity Voice Prediction
  24. Store Sales Prediction
  25. Detecting Parkinson’s Disease
  26. Air Pollution Prediction
  27. Age and Gender Detection
  28. Optimizing Product Price 
  29. IMDB Predictions
  30. Handwritten Digit Recognition
  31. Quora Insincere Questions Classification
  32. Driver Drowsiness Detection 
  33. Web Traffic Time Series Forecasting
  34. Survival Prediction on the Titanic
  35. Time Series Modelling
  36. Image Caption Generator
  37. Insurance Purchase Prediction
  38. Crime Analysis
  39. Customer Segmentation
  40. Taxi Trip Time Prediction
  41. Job Recommendation System
  42. Boston Housing Predictions
  43. Sentiment Analysis
  44. Interest Level in Rental Properties
  45. Keyword generation for Google Ads
  46. Breast Cancer Classification
  47. Employee Computer Access Needs
  48. Tweets Classification
  49. Movie Recommendation System
  50. Product Price Suggestions

Game development

1. Rock, paper, scissor game using python:

Everyone of us might have played this game during our childhood. In this game development project, you will use the python programming language to develop this game. 

Get the source code here

2. Sudoku game:

 Playing Sudoku will help you to improve your IQ. Developing a simple sudoku game is one of the best ways to start with game development. In this game development project, you will learn to develop a sudoku puzzle that contains a 9×9 grid and 3×3 occupied with numbers.

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