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How Can I Make my career as a Hacker in India/US?

One can easily become a hacker and earn a lot of money through it if he/she knows exact path to follow to learn the skills required to become a hackers.

If you know the roadmap it is very easy for you to become a freelance hacker or join a agency and work their as an ethical hacker. 

In India there are not any specific well structured cources following which you can become a hacker. You have to learn the topics individually and understand the concepts used in hacking. You need to start with linux specifically kali linux and slowly get into advanced scripts.

You have to do everything your self. Find the authentic source to learn the topics and all. Have a great command on programming language. Python recommended.

To become a hacker in India, you need not to study engineering in Computer Science ,instead you need to concentrate on these facts so that you could become a Hacker

  1. Learn Hardware and Networking
  2. Learn Server Administration
  3. Learn Server side, Client Side Programming along with System Programming
  4. Learn Database Administration
  5. Learn Operating Systems Deployment and the file system
  6. Linux is the most preferred skills for hacker, Go through it
  7. And finally Problem Solving and Computer Forensic skills are needed to become a Hacker

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