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Time Required to Learn Android App Development !

For a simple app:

1 hour: To make the Hello World app!

1 weekend: If you know core java, advanced java and android basics.

1 month: If you know a little bit of programming.

For a complex app like image editor, video editor:

Many months

For a highly sophisticated app like medical diagnosis app:

Probably years

But android is easy once you get your hands dirty. I also started asking questions like these, I wanted to make money as I was broke and a college student with needs.

So I slowly learned java as I was not very motivated. I made a few apps: all were shitty in the start. I learned making apps from this book only:

Head First Android Development, 2nd Edition

I highly recommend reading this as it is very short and when you complete it in a few days, you would’ve made 8–10 apps. You would know about the lifecycle and various android stuff you must know.

After reading this, I was inspired a Quoran who made a music player and got millions of downloads. So I also made a music player: it worked perfectly in my phone but not in many other phones. This made me learn about debugging. 

Then I made my first successful app that got over 2 Million installs and was the main source of my income before it was removed google (Believe me, google is evil) They steal money from indie developers suddenly banning their accounts. I have talked about this in other answers but I digress.

So I made 2 other apps that are currently in top 10 and top 20 categories respectively. Each gets about a few 100 downloads a day. You can search for “meme machine soundengine” on the google playstore and both the first and second apps on top are mine.

So go ahead and bring your idea to fruition. Make your app and do tag me when you’re done: I’ll do free promotion of your app in my network if it really catches my eye 😉

You can read any article in depth.

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