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How many lines of code do professional programmers write per hour?

It took a lot of time to get the logic of the program and to write it on a programming language can take a lots and lots of hour. Programming is not about writing lines of code rather it is all about bug finding and fixing it.

Fixing the code can take more time then writing the whole piece of code. 

If you are a newbie and finding it hard to complete a block of code in hour then you are no exception. Every beginner faces the same issue while starting their programming career. 

It takes a lot of time in the beginning to write a perfect code but with practise the logic fits into your mind and you are able to write a bunch of lines within few minutes. It is a skill which comes with time.

To learn it you need to sacrifice a lot of your time practising your code. You can participate into programming contest and hackathons and give your contribution. You can also get a chance to win exciting awards there.

If you are a newbie or experienced guy write down below your experiences and how many lines of code do you write per hour?


Chitranshu Harbola

Self taught programmer, Web Developer and an aspiring Machine learning engineer cum Data Science student

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