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Cost to Develop an Android App ?

A simple android app development cost could be $1000-$4000. But if you are looking to build an app having multiple features, complexity, and good functionality then the cost would be higher.

App development companies charge on per hourly basis. Per hours cost is always different as per company standard, location, and experience.

Here are the averages per hour rates of app development companies:

  • US app developers charge $80 – $300 per hour
  • UK based app developer charge $50 – $180 per hour
  • India based app development companies charge $10 – $100 per hour
  • Australia based mobile app developers charge $60 – $200 per hour

If you want to launch your app within a small budget then I would suggest you hire India based best app Development Company. India

India has become an IT hub in the app development industry and has grabbed the client’s attraction across the world. There are thousands of IT companies in India that work on mobile app development.

I recommend you to hire FATbit Technologies for your android app development work. The company is a renowned name in the development sector and has a skilled team of mobile app developers. FATbit has featured in many popular magazines like Telegraph, JeffBullas, Inc., Forbes, etc.

FATbit creates apps for different industries like sports, fitness, healthcare, music, eCommerce, education, hospital, real estate, school, etc,. So you can choose them depending on the requirements.

Benefits with FATbit Technologies:

Work transparency

Deliver on-time


Have happy clients

16+ years experience

A skilled team of developers.

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