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How this coding site was created !

Initially this was my personal space to share what I learn.

I, Chitranshu Harbola

started my programming journey…

in back 2019. And wrote my first “hello world” print statement in python at the end of my 8th grade after watching a youtube tutorial of codewithharry. And then I was attracted toward web development so I learnt html, css advanced topics. But I’m very bad at designing so this was what didn’t worked for me. So took flask (python web framework) and learnt backend development. Created a personal project which never finished. I had many breaks and continue on my learning journey as I had to study for my grades too.

In between I tried many python packages to automate task that I used to do on my pc. Like opening youtube or texting whatsapp using pyautogui. And web scrapping using BeautifulSoup, which was my fav at that stage.

Python jarvis which does lot of things like converting text to speech and recognising our voice and converting it to text was another mini project that helped me to understand what python does and can do.

Entry of the protagonist

In class 10 I tried exploring Machine Learning, but there was lot of terms that were going above my mind. As it requires some math knowledge like derivatives, integration, statistics, matrices. So I just implemented it in python using sklearn and I remember the first project that I did was a Real state price prediction project. In this project I took a dataset from kaggle as instructed a blog.

Once on 10 grade using python I did a huge project (enough for me at that point) which was real world….read about it. Which combined all the things that I learned in these two years.

As it was quite overwhelming to continue and also I was not getting intuition behind the algorithm so I left that for I while.

Took risk of one year

And pick that up again in class 11. AND THAT’S WHEN I GOT OBSSESSED WITH MACHINE LEARNING, DEEP LEARNING, DATASCIENCE, COMPUTER VISION, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND GRAPHS and developed this site quickly using wordpress and started to focus on ‘data’. Due to which my studies got hampered but actually I did’t care untill I didn’t got 1 mark on my chemistry. So again I put it beside for few months.

If you don’t know let me tell you even IPL uses data science techniques to predict which player is going to play well this season on basis of many factors. Because this is what datascience is all about. Prediction, detection, recognition and classification. It requires huge data. As huge as sun. To build a model(ml term) which have high accuracy you will need million of records. GOOGLE uses billion of rows to train its data to make a email spam classifier. And youtube, amazon, netflix too uses deep learning neural networks to build their recommender system. Most importantly the data you are using should be relevant.

This was something that I thought will develop your interest over this field.

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