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Machine learning “ML” is becoming more and more common a model, alongside deep learning and artificial intelligence. Although every time we hear about the Machine Learning, our ears tickle, without even coming to terms what it really is or what it is intended for. It is a point of note to ask, what is machine learning? What is it used for? Or can our lives be better with it? Let us put our hearts in our hands and plunge in into the ocean of this stupendous technology and how it makes the world a better place. To start with, there are many definition given to ML being a very wide, profound and practical concept it can be. According to Wikipedia, ML is the study of computer algorithms that can improve automatically through experience and the use of data, although seen as a part of artificial intelligence, its set of rules build a model based on sample data, known as training data, in order to make predictions or decisions without being explicitly programmed to do so. ML, which involves the use of computer programing languages such as R and Python Language, is a multifaceted tool used in eclectic applications such as in medicine, email filtering, speech and facial recognition, and computer vision, where it is difficult to do needed tasks or drive out of the mind innovative ideas that otherwise will not have been recognized.

Every day, we make use of the computer, as well as the internet to make our work easier and faster including writing and securing our files or valuable assets, but little do we know that the various systems or platforms employ the use of ML. Have you ever typed something on a smartphone and you have likely seen it attempt to predict what you’ll write next? Anyways, it involves the use of similar groups of words being available in order to make a prediction. As a result of use over time, the algorithm used in ML has made pools of probable predictions based on what the user already typed so far, and becomes of great help to people having problems finding words or line of thought, either due to their mental state due to stress or a medical condition (aphasia).

The human mind is the source of every advancement we see in human race and one of the killers of the human mind is “stress” rising from doing strenuous tasks eventually rendering human tired, uncreative and slow. ML has facilitated automation of tasks humans usually perform as machine is able to think and act without being programmed to do so. Machine Learning may have been experienced directly, while others may have been indirectly. Search engines like Google use machine learning in a variety of different ways. Understanding this type of algorithm plays an essential part in things like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other forms of digital marketing. It also means you get useful, relevant and high-quality results when you search online. With assistants like Siri, Alexa, etc., you can ask questions, set reminders, and even control various elements of your home where you do not have to bombard your brain with to-do lists.

Moreover, Commerce and Marketing have never been better, based on previous input data. ML can recommend products and services that users or customers might like, very well in use on YouTube, as you will always want to know more. This is perhaps one of the most common forms of machine learning we see in our everyday life, as well as in the process and analysis huge sets of data. Often used in the field of big data, such insights can help businesses understand their customers and healthcare professionals understand their patients. The way machine learning works makes it ideal for spotting anomalies in patterns, these set of instructions learn what ‘normal’ is, they become more proficient in detecting when something is erroneous. 

In a world full of data unprocessed and unanalyzed, coupled with arduous tasks to be done and remember, there is a high chance of falling into unforeseen circumstances. Many of our payments are done online, the risk of fraud and scams increases. To minimize these risks, machine learning work on large data sets to find correlations in user behavior that could lead to fraud. They look at wide-scale patterns to identify anything out of the ordinary, as well as recommend very strong passwords and the use of finger prints and facial recognition, with that you can sleep with both eyes closed and not be disturbed about any loss of data. As healthcare sector produce large chunk of data daily, individual patients and general public, are creating information about diagnostics, treatments, and conditions, these big data sets can help build predictive models on a range of illnesses and their treatments. 

Heroes are not only those who save people from burning buildings or stand in war fronts but also in simplest things that make life better. If you’re charmed what you have read so far, you can start a journey with machine learning knowledge. There is a sea full of opportunities to explore your innovative mind to create the algorithms and programs that allow computers to learn and help businesses and organizations make decisions and overcome obstacles and helps researchers and students get access to books, articles and other research materials providing value to education, the best legacy, where with minds are refined and pruned giving rise to erudite of a better tomorrow. As ML involves using programming languages and creating models and algorithms to solve problems and can produce more accurate forecasts that improve automatically as they assess more data. However, there are many skills that can be worked on to start building knowledge in machine learning such as programming languages like Python, and languages like R, Java, and C++ are useful. Ultimately, machine learning is about solving problems, whether directly or indirectly which can be learnt efficiently on harboladatascience.com.

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