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Is C and C++ Same ? What’s the DIFFERENCE ?

Here are the 4 summaries from different articles, answering same question “What is the difference between C and C++” and link to full article is also provided for respective summaries. 

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Note : This post may contain some technical terms. So skip those points if you are a beginner!

Before we begin, C and C++ are two different programming languages !

SUMMARY 1 : C VS C++ : Core language difference explained  (educative.io)

C is a structural programming language, so everything is broken into functions that get the work done. C++, however, supports procedural and object-oriented programming paradigms.

C++ has well-designed try-catch blocks that make debugging a lot easier.

In C++, the variables can be declared anywhere as long as they are declared before used in the code.

Some developers recommend starting with C for the following reasons: Basic exercises in C are the same as C++ Pointers are error-prone in C, and you can avoid them in C++ for a while Strings are hard to implement in C

However, if you are interested in systems-level programming, you may want to learn C first to get a solid foundation.

If already have some experience with C#, learning C will be familiar.

For those who already understand OOP, or those who are new to programming overall, learning C++ first is a good option. If you’re looking to learn something that can be immediately used in work, start with C++.

SUMMARY 2: Difference between C and C++ (geeksforgeeks.org)

C++ can be said a superset of C.

Major added features in C++ are Object-Oriented Programming, Exception Handling and rich C++ Library.

C does no support polymorphism, encapsulation, and inheritance which means that C does not support object oriented programming.

For the development of code, C supports procedural programming. Data and functions are separated in C because it is a procedural programming language.

Data and functions are encapsulated together in form of an object in C++.

Data is hidden the Encapsulation to ensure that data structures and operators are used as intended.

C is a function driven language because C is a procedural programming language. Virtual and friend functions are not supported C.

Virtual and friend functions are supported C++. C++ focuses on data instead of focusing on method or procedure. C++ provides new operator for memory allocation and delete operator for memory de-allocation.

SUMMARY 3: Are C and C++ similar programming language ? (quora.com)

My answer is a loud and clear no.
If a beginner looked at a few lines of C and C++, they might look similar to his eyes. But the same can be said about Java and C.
Take a for loop from both languages and give it to a group of beginners. But to someone who knows both languages, they are as different as heavens and earth.
Apart from that, C++ is OOP while C is a procedural language.
C++ is a (non-inclusive) superset of C. It’s not true that everything that is C is also C++.
C++ compiler used to decompose C++ programs to plain C and let the C compiler do the rest.
You might still be able to degrade many C++ programs into C, but the same can be done to Python or Perl.

SUMMARY 4 : Difference Between C and C++? (hackr.io)

C is a good option for embedded devices and system-level code.

C++, on the contrary, is a top choice for developing gaming, networking, and server-side applications.
C over C++ when,
  • Coding truly tiny systems (results in a little less overhead as compared to using C++)
  • The application needs to be incredibly stable (Impermeable code and control results removing the abstractions of C++)
  • You don’t have a C++ compiler on the platform of choice for application development
C++ over C when,
  • Developing an application that works directly with the computer hardware
  • Developing an application that deals with application development
  • The project aims for extremely low-level processing


Now You might be cleared with how C++ and C are different from each other. These were some of the points discussed.

  • C can be said a subset of C++
  • C supports procedural programming where as C++ also supports Object Oriented Programming.
  • C is good choice for embedded devices and system-level code whereas C++ is a top choice for developing games, networking, and server side application

and many more…

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