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Is Hacking Job Illegal in India or not ?

Hacking is a highly paid job too yet have a huge risk too involved if not done with permissions. It have a huge earning potential. Any one can easily earn in dollars with it. Hacking involves finding vulnerubility in the systems.

Learning hacking is not that difficuilt if you have cleared the basics and to help you in your learning journey we have launced a weblog series for hacking in which we are answering you doubts and questions related to hacking such as best age to learn ethical hacking , salary of hackers in india , and lot more such questions.


In this blog post we are gonna be answering the question that is hacking job illegal in india or not. Which can be answered either wise. It can be answered yes as well as no.

If hacking is done to steal crucial information of organisation or company or to destroy resources than it is surely illegal but if it is done to aware company of its vulneribilities and loop holes without damaging the company and if done with permissions then it is truely legal and you can do that. No one can put finger to you.

If you are interested in hacking and currently following it as your passion and looking for some projects that will help you brush up your hacking skills you must checkout this webblog this will definitely help you find out your next hacking project.  Hacking Project 

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