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Problems Faced Beginners to Start Programming !

Here are the 4 summaries from different articles answering same question “Problems Faced Beginner to Learn Programming” and link to full article is also provided for respective summaries. 

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SUMMARY 1: Challenges in learning Programming (teamtreehouse.com)

Imposter Syndrome ! Lacking confidence in your skills is common when you’re new, but honestly, it’s unnecessary.

The greatest challenge is the fear and insecurity that held me back in the beginning…

That fear and insecurity still creeps up at times and I wonder if I’m good/smart enough to be successful in this field.

The path to learning about software isn’t linear. The key is to learn problem-solving.

Don’t let yourself feel intimidated. At first, ideas and concepts of coding can feel abstract.

SUMMARY 2:  Challenge you Face while learning programming  (Quora)

Programming problems are frustrating, especially at the beginning but the best way to learn is solving them yourself.

If you get someone else to solve them for you instead, you usually end up learning very little.

Nowadays learners simply type their question in the browser address bar and have the answer in two seconds from Stack Overflow.

Learning to program has evolved, from a brain-centred job into a copy/paste-centred job. Is that easier? I might well be. After all, as long as you get the job done, nobody can accuse you of not sweating enough.

But do you learn more this way? And that’s what makes it so challenging.

SUMMARY 3 : Problems to Overcome when Learning to Programming (geeksforgeeks.org)

You Don’t Know The Reason for Learning to Code.

A lot of people start learning to code because they have heard from somewhere that it pays well and programming is a cool field to choose as a career option.

If you also have this mindset and you’re learning programming because of these reasons then it won’t help you in the long run and you will be struggling a lot during the journey of learning to code.

If you are interested in the process of learning, You won’t give up on it and you will enjoy all the challenges that come along with it.

If you are confused about picking up a specific technology or language? You can also take the help of experienced programmers and ask for a recommendation.

Keep in mind that logics are always the same in all the programming languages so it’s easy to implement the idea in one language and then transfer it to the other language.

Consider the example of playing tennis. So instead of doing multiple things in parallel focus on solving one problem at a time.

So whenever you’re stuck in a problem try to find the solution from different resources.

SUMMARY 4 : Most Common Problems that a Beginner Face (cprogramming.com)

Learning to program is hard enough, but it’s easy to get tripped up before you even begin.

This is a perfect metaphor for computer programs. They do exactly, and only, what you tell them to do; they do not understand implicit intentions.

The level of detail required can be daunting at first because it requires thinking through every single step of the process, making sure that no steps are missing.

Suddenly complex problems will begin to look simple.  Beginners tend to run into lots of complaints generated the compiler.

Debugging Debugging is a critical skill, but most people aren’t born with a mastery of it. It comes over time.


So I guess, Now you would have figured out that it is not that hard to get started with programming. There are certain obstacles discussed above, that you have to keep in mind. 

So to sum up, these are some:- 

  • Programming is abstract at beginning.
  • You may feel insecurity and intimidated
  • Programming problems are frustrating for beginners
  • Not having a solid reason to learn to code
  • Confused in which technology or language to pick

That’s It. Keep these points in mind and take a move. 

You can read any article in depth.

Hope now your doubt would have cleared. If not yet, or have any other doubt you can comment down below. I would be pleased to answer you.

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