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How to START Learning Programming ?

Here are the 5 summaries from different articles answering same question “how to start learning programming” and link to full article is also provided for respective summaries. 

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Conclusion at the end.

SUMMARY 1:  Best way to learn programming (quora)

 A programmer will get confused and distracted if their fundamentals are not clear.

There should be a 2:1 between conceptual learning and applied learning, instead of learning all the theoretical concepts first and then moving to writing programs.

They both should move hand in hand.Get your hands dirty in programming and if its possible, participate in programming competitions or hackathons on different websites (hakerrank, codeforces, codechief) .

 As you code more and more, your skills will increase gradually and after few weeks you will have increased confidence and you will become better day--day.

Always remember that programming is not about learning a language (Python, C++, Java), it is the ability to solve the problems. You will definitely be successful if you follow these steps sincerely.

SUMMARY 2: How to learn Programming from  Beginning? (hackr.io)

Learn Programming Fundamentals

The first and foremost step is to choose the language to learn. For a profession in data science, AI & ML, Python & R are the languages to study. Focus on Learning Programming Basics

It is always suggested to make your fundamentals strong so as to be a pro coder. The biggest question that arises at this stage is:

How Should I Choose a Project?

So choose something that keeps you held upon itself like if like playing games then you might just want to develop a video game of your choice. 

If you are puzzled about where, to begin with, google few ideas to start with your project building.

If you want something challenging you might want to consider building a website similar to Twitter but with not as many features as Twitter offers but with some basic functionality like to tweet and follow.

Feeling Stuck? Searching and surfing the error of your code would help you correct your code within few minutes but on the other hand, if are not sound at this skill it would be like diving into a whirlpool of code without a map.

This way Google would specifically target the error as the same sentence and that would give a much accurate filtered result.

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SUMMARY 3:  Some of  the Best Way to Learn Programming from Start (Quora)

Firstly I started reading books which taught me programming syntax and after every chapter there were coding questions given in exercise. 

I was first reading and understanding the concept, observing examples and then was trying to write the programs of exercise question in my linux.

It is preffered coding in linux as coding in linux would also build knowledge about installing packages on OS and architecture of OS. Then the second semester, I was great at coding in C.

I had developed my coding skills solving programming questions on and on from online platform. When you learnt one programming language and have a hands on practise on that, then things will be easy for you if you want to learn other language. Basic core concepts remains same in all the programming languages. 

Now coming to answer of your question, 

If you are getting started and haven’t coded your first program, you should start asap and try to stick with one programming language properly.

For example, If you learnt concept of objects and inheritance, then try to implement it and play with it. I recommend you to mess with it and solve the error you get. Get perfection in one language first then jump to other.

SUMMARY 4: What is the Best Way To start Learning Programing (QUORA)

These basic fundamentals help you understand the advanced concepts of programming you need to be very clear about in the fundamentals of programming. 

Whenever you are starting with programming, zero in on one programming language, stick with it and clear all the basics of programming first before going to the next level. 

As it is much easier to just read the book or look at the sample code on their desktop without practicing it. 

Whenever you start practicing you face a lot of problems, where you may get stuck or many times for a specific problem, you need to implement the code practically and scratch your head while implementing the code. Code hand.

Taking help from plenty of online resources available paid or unpaid can be a great idea, where you may subscribe to the YouTube channels or try coding boot camps to learn programming quickly and effectively, without having a mentor.

Apart from that, there are plenty of useful resources available over Udemy, Coursera for guidance which can help you in programming. So, learning to code just need to follow the right path and be consistent.

SUMMARY 5: How to Get Started Programming ? (CODEBURST.IO)

If the current topic you’re learning doesn’t make sense to you, stay where you are.

If the tutorial (or book) you’re using didn’t sufficiently explain the topic, you’re going to have to find other resources that work for you. A lot of topics aren’t going to make sense the first time around.

As you progress through the learning path, you need to self-reflect.

If you need tips on how to tackle memorization, consider using the study card technique. I chose Java for this learning path because Java is the language that I am most experienced in.

 It’s classified as an object-oriented programming language (you’ll learn what this means later on) and it’s used to make desktop, web, and mobile applications.


Conclusion :

The things in common in all of the article is that they strongly emphasis of sticking to one programming language at first.
Having all the basics clear before getting into core of programming.
And then, once you get your basics clear you should start doing projects in which you are interested.
Explore out what you can do with programming and try to build something that interests you. And when you feel stuck at any point try googling and search for your answer in stackoverflow and other such websites. Because the problem you will face in coding is felt many others and their answer is on those websites.
Go and start Now !

You can read any article in depth.

Hope now your doubt would have cleared. If not yet, or have any other doubt you can comment down below. I would be pleased to answer you.

If I left something or you feel that something could be more well addressed, please leave a comment.

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