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Good Online Tutorials and Books to Learn Mobile App Development ?

Benefits and Features of Android mobile app development.

Android is one of the most widely used OS, and there are lots of applications that can be downloaded from the Google play store other than the built-in applications that come with the phone. Some features and benefits of Android are:

Open source and free – easy for small businesses to develop their choice of apps

  • Huge community and support
  • Rich development environment
  • Very cost-effective to develop apps
  • Intuitive UI
  • Wide connectivity options.
  • Extensive support for media files format.
  • Data storage using SQLite
  • Resizable widgets
  • Multi-touch and multitasking

How to Learn Android

Android development is easy and quick, and you can learn through training courses, videos, tutorials, and of course, good books! Though some claim that you can learn it in a month, we suggest you take time to sink-in the concepts step step, apply what you read in a book or see in a tutorial to practice and follow the android developer website for documentation, updates, and support. Basic knowledge of Java is required for learning Android.

Best Android Books

We have selected the 10 best Android books that are updated for Android development in 2021. Let us see below.

1. Android Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

This is a good book and reference guide for beginners, and even if you do have some experience, you will learn a lot of new stuff from this book. The book covers all essential concepts of Android from activity, threads, themes, views, fragments, network communication, etc. and not a single word of the book is extra. Every chapter, every paragraph opens up a world of new things for the reader.


  • Detailed explanations of all the important concepts and APIs
  • You should know the basics of Kotlin (for the newest edition), although the author covers some parts of it; the previous editions are based on Java
  • A lot of practical examples are given which you can practice learning better
  • The book is updated with the latest changes in Android studio and other tools
  • The author maintains a good pace throughout the book

Rating: 4.6
Cost: Kindle: $24.10
Paperback: $23.75

2. Headfirst Android Development

This is the best book for android development and for beginners as well as next-level programmers. You should know Java before you get on to this book. If you already have some idea about Android programming, you might feel the book to be a bit slow and repetitive, but it will be a great refresher for all that you already know. The author’s tone is funny and witty, with easy-to-understand explanations and code examples.


  • Step step approach.
  • A lot of topics covered, although you never feel the burden because of the author’s approach.
  • Great projects that introduce you to basics and prepare you for the next level.
  • Hand-written annotations, spaces in between the texts of the book give a nice feel of proper coaching.
  • Covers fundamentals in a detailed manner.
  • A little verbose for those who are experienced.

Rating: 4.5
Cost: Kindle: $15.09
Paperback: $24.77

3. Java Programming for Android Developers for Dummies

This is not a book where you will be spoon-fed with all the concepts.

The author mentions a lot of terms and concepts and encourages you to read more about them through online content; for example, the android emulator and how you can run apps on it.

That said, the author puts in a lot of effort to make learning Java and Android side side with ease. If you already know Java, you can skip the introduction to Java as you might feel it to be very lengthy.


  • Covers the basics of Java and Android.
  • The author’s tone is witty and funny, making reading a delight.
  • Some Java concepts are not explained in detail, and the author expects you to look for details from other sources.
  • The book is well-organized and starts with the introduction of both Java and Android, and then explains how both work together creating real-world apps.
  • Emphasizes the importance of creating smaller code blocks in one place and reusing them at other places.

Rating: 4.5
Cost: Kindle: $18.39
Paperback: $19.99

4. Android Application Development All-in-one for Dummies

A neat and well-structured book, Android for dummies, will certainly take your interest in Android to a much higher level.

It is a beginner’s book, which takes you through all the core concepts.

The author explains what is needed for you to know as a beginner developer, and doesn’t overload you with more information that you can understand.


  • The book starts with the basics of Android, from emulator to Android studio; however, it expects you to have some prior programming language knowledge.
  • A lot of tips, observations, and tricks on the sidebars and other places make the book interactive and interesting to read.
  • The author makes you think about a problem and its possible approaches before giving the final answer. This helps readers think rather than just copy-pasting the code to make it work.
  • Simple presentation, no verbosity, only fun, wit and information
  • If you are new to software programming itself, this book might be tough to follow.

Rating: 4.4
Cost: Kindle: $20.79
Paperback: $23.78

5. Android Programming: Pushing the Limits

This is your perfect companion if you already completed a few android projects and looking for more knowledge and complex projects.

No verbosity, clear and concise content, this book explains all the features – even the latest ones, extremely well.

If you want to explore your creativity and look for challenges, this is the book you must read and explore. Topics like threads, JUnit, performance tuning are covered in-depth along with other core concepts.


  • A unique book that has the content you will not find in any other book.
  • Good mix of basic and advanced concepts.
  • The book doesn’t just explain what should be done but also explains why something is being done.
  • The book guides you correctly on which topics are most important from the development perspective and how much you need to know about each topic.
  • Fast-paced and loaded with basic as well as advanced level content.

Rating: 4.2
Cost: Kindle: $26.39
Paperback: $29.70


You can start Android app development on Windows, Mac, or Linux and will need Java JDK5 or later and Android studio.

Our list contains all types of books catering to beginners, intermediates, and experienced programmers.If you are just starting,  “Android application development all-in-one for dummies” and “GUI design for android apps” will be the best books for you. If you are just looking for a quick, handy reference guide, “Android programming: The big nerd Ranch guide” or “The Busy Coder’s Guide to Advanced Android Development” should be your ideal choice. For advanced developers, “Android Programming: Pushing the limits” and “The Busy Coder’s Guide to Advanced Android Development” are some of the best books. Let us know which book you are going to start today!

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