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Best Way to Learn Android App Development !

You can learn Android in three ways:

1. Join a training institute.

If you are willing to spend some money, join a training institute. The advantage will be you will be taught Android an experienced person in the field and you’ll also get certified, thus helping in future jobs.

2. Join a workshop.

If you are still in college, many times companies run workshops in institutes to promote themselves. I myself learned Android this way. Surely, a certificate of workshop is lower in value than a certification course, but this will help you get started and will be a great boost for you.

3. Learning on your own.

Last but not the least, is learning on your own. There are plenty of tutorial websites on the internet which are teaching Android to budding developers.


1. Have bare minimum knowledge of Java. Android is coded in Java, but you need not know the entire language very well. Just the basics will do, you’ll catch up with it in no time.

2. Software – You will need Java Development Kit (JDK), Android Studio IDE and Android SDK (which can be downloaded from the Android Studio itself). Download all these programs and install them. JDK is less than 200 MB in size. Android Studio IDE is 300 MB. The SDK is massive, nearly 1 GB after installing (just for the latest Android version).

3. An Android phone. Although this is optional, emulators tend to be very, very slow. Get an Android phone and enable developer options. After that enable USB debugging and you can use your phone to install and debug applications from the Studio.

4. Read the tutorials. Start with the hello world program and familiarise with the environment. Then head to basic elements of GUI, their coding, then Activities etc. Do not get excited and jump to higher level right away. I know it’s fun but in the end you’ll be saturating your mind.

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